A series of Workshops under the working title: Divisions and Connections within the City, will be given by Danae Stratou in each of the cities related to her ongoing Nature | Humanity art project.

A city is the most paradoxical of places. It brings people together just as powerfully as it isolates one from the other. It creates a great urge to cooperate but also gives rise to hideous conflicts. It is the laboratory of civic virtues and simultaneously the factory of malfeasance. It offers protection while, at once, it causes a great deal of insecurity.

We will approach the city experientially. By exploring and experiencing the city’s different layers, neighbourhoods, districts, we shall develop a dialogue with the different aspects of the urban grid. Urban spaces are a network of connected nodes as well as divisions, some soft others much sharper. The idea here is to unveil these connections and divisions through physical engagement with the city before conceptualising its constituent parts, both individually and collectively, and channelling these conceptions into particular, personal works.