Vital Space NewsLetter #2 May 2013

Vital Space is founded on the belief in the power of art to change the world. At a time of major confluence of economic and environmental crises,Vital Space deploys the artist's perspective so as to dissolve the polarisation typifying the current dialogue on our relationship with Nature and with one another. Vital Space is dedicated to the initiation of art projects designed to reach and influence a wide and diverse audience. It strives to demonstrate in the most practical manner that art has its finger on the planet's pulse and can mediate human deliberation on the course of our future.

Vital Space invites all artists to participate in the first of a series of open call competitions in the context of our 'Raising Awareness' theme. For our first competition we invite short, one-minute video submissions under the broad title EAST | WEST - NORTH | SOUTH : Imperiled Viatl Spaces.

DEADLINE:MIDNIGHT (EST) 7th September 2013


EAST | WEST - NORTH | SOUTH: Imperiled Vital Spaces


Participants are requested to submit an original sixty-second (one minute) video that reflects the theme’s spirit and helps raise awareness on our common predicament in this time of global crisis. Indeed, submissions from all over the world are encouraged, with our theme acting only as a general guide to the idea of a ‘local collapse’ following a global crisis.

Participants are asked to complete and to submit this electronic Registration Form (including a link to their video on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting service website). The deadline expires at midnight (EST), 1th September 2013



ROUND 1 – Videos go live: Vital Space will upload the approved videos on by 15th September 2013. The videos will remain on our site for two months.

ROUND 2 – Viewers’ Prize: The general public will then be invited to vote amongst the contenders for the Vital Space 60’’ Video Competition Viewers’ Prize for 2013. The vote will be completed by, and the winner will be announced on, the 16th of November 2013.

ROUND 3 – Panel Prize: On 1st October 2013, a five-member panel of jurists (drawn from Vital Space’s Board of Advisors) will announce the winner of the Vital Space 60’’ Video Competition Panel Prize for 2013, as well as two runners-up. These three videos (including the winner of the Viewers’ Prize) will then be added to the permanent collection of Vital Space’s Art Projects.

ROUND 4 – EXHIBITION: The winners of both prizes in all competitions, and possibly the runners up will be exhibited, during 2014. Athens will be the starting point of an exhibition series in Greece and abroad. Vital Space will announce details about the exhibition as soon as all competition results are announced.




The idea of one minute, 60’’, videos for the purposes of raising awareness was first introduced to Vital Space by its founder, Danae Stratou, who posted two such videos as part of the ‘inauguration’ of These two videos focused on public awareness regarding Climate Change and Urbanisation equivalently. The material shown is original, taken from Danae Stratou’s archive from shootings in hundreds of strategically chosen areas worldwide. 


Raising Awareness in 60'' (1)  |  Addressing Urbanisation
Raising Awareness in 60'' (2)  |  Addressing Climate Change



Vital Space is pleased to announce that this one-minute video competition is the first in a series of three annual competitions. The other two will involve photographic stills, with suitable captions, and short 100–word texts. For more, watch this space. You will soon receive our next Photographic Competition Announcement: Raising Awareness with One Image.

Terms and Conditions

Submitted videos must be one minute in length.

Any spoken words heard in the submitted video that are not in English must be accompanied by the relevant subtitles in English.

The video must not contain gratuitous violence, profanity, or defamatory statements (including racism or sexism) on individuals or organizations. Any entries deemed gratuitously offensive will be immediately disqualified.

Videos submitted must be original works - no copyrighted music, video, sounds or images may be used without prior, full permission from the author(s)/owners of said copyrighted music, video, sounds or images that you wish to include.

Submitted videos must not infringe on any third party rights.

Submitted videos that are the result of a group effort need to have a nominated representative.